Bolted Pressure Switch Restorations

Bolted Pressure Switch Restorations by Power Distribution Systems, LLC


In 480 Volt electrical distribution the Bolted Pressure switch can be found in use through-out  many commercial and industrial buildings. No matter if you are equipped one or more than one set of switchgear installed prior to 2010, the bolted pressure switch offered construction contractors the least expensive and lowest cost opportunity for circuits greater than 800amps a means of fusible circuit protection and integrating Ground Fault protective relays in order to be compliant with NFPA70 and pass inspections by the authority having jurisdiction. In clean and serviceable environments these devices have a long and dependable history of performance. The bolted pressure switch can provide years of reliable service if the appropriate preventative maintenance is consistently and properly performed.

Your gear contains several of these devices manufactured by either by Boltswitch, commonly found in FPE, SquareD or some independent manufacturers gear; Bolt Loc found in Square D gear; Pringle found in Siemens, ITE, Westinghouse and newer Eaton gear all the way back to Kamlock found in pre 1980s Westinghouse, ITE and independent, manufacturers gear. In each of these cases the simple mechanical functional electrical device uses similar operating principals of disconnect and reconnect.

Bolted pressure switch restorations

Preventive maintenance and restoration by Power Distribution Solutions, LLC is essential to the correct operation of a bolted pressure switch and keeping their precision ability and performance available. Since there are several mechanical parts involved, dependability can be compromised by service persons lacking the long technical understanding of the switches mechanical operating design and the influence electrical currents have on the components during its operation. Also considering the usual frequency of operation being limited, it is imperative to have a service program matched with technical know how to keep these devices serviceable. Anything less may lead to disappointing or dangerous operating results when the operating mechanism of a switch fail to operate correctly, or the contacts not disengage correctly during operation.

3 strategies for bolted pressure switch maintenance and restoration:

  • Time interval-based maintenance – switch maintenance is carried out according to a schedule.
  • Corrective maintenance strategy – maintenance and repairs are carried out when a bolted pressure switch fails, this is the least desirable strategy because failure can occur at any time.
  • Condition based maintenance – involves regular inspection and testing, with recording of results. The results then drive the maintenance schedule, with predetermined points of intervention agreed beforehand. This may include an non-invasive thermal imaging survey annually and periodic switch operation.

Bolted pressure switches are highly prevalent in the electrical infrastructure of many industrial settings due to their inherent cost effectiveness. These switches can have operability issues if not properly maintained or restored. To ensure switch operability and long service life, you should restore it and appropriate preventive maintenance should be performed on a periodic basis as well.

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