Circuit Breaker Retrofits

Circuit Breaker Retrofits from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Your facility is protected with power circuit breakers greater than 25 years of age, you are concentrating on the viability of performance for these units in the face of greater scrutiny of service records to enter into your protective performance preventive maintenance manuals. Further investigation reveals the gear protecting your plant has even greater distance between installation and today; you find the most recent records which are a few years passed, and showed several of the units performing at the high end of their original time current curve. It is also apparent that some of the breakers failed to open at all during primary injection testing and this becomes a concern. You call your local electrical contractor and they tell you they can only replace the gear with new gear at a substantial cost and loss of time performance. This is wear Power Distribution Solutions, LLC excels in legacy gear knowledge.

The Industry Standard

When it comes to retrofit circuit breakers Power Distribution Solutions, LLC has set the industry standard starting with company ownership being an integral engineer in the design, building and testing of solid state retrofit kits specifically for the power circuit breaker field. We have a nearly fifty year history in ownership and service starting in 1971 with the retrofit industry. We currently engage several industrial enterprise of a wide variety of ages with updating power switchgear circuit breakers with today’s industry leading technology solid state relay circuit protection. Our retrofit product offerings always revolve around quality, durability, and short downtime durations.

PDS Heat-Seeker electrical technical professionals engage works several major manufacturers electrical circuit breaker manufacturers as well electrical service enterprise to offer a comprehensive update strategy for several brands of power circuit breaker gear. Our technical experts understand not only the electrical protective time current curves necessary to engage electrical safety programs such as with NFPA70E but also the integral mechanical operating components within these devices that engage power, open and close into power but also to protect circuits from power. We are experienced and knowledgeable about many lines of custom retrofits and including obsoleted major brands of circuit breakers, contactors and switches.

A circuit breaker retrofit is the implementation of modern components in the existing installation.  Components such as primary switching devices and digital protection or control technology.

The benefits to doing a circuit breaker retrofit are:

  • More cost effective than a complete replacement
  • Decreased implementation time for replacement
  • Extends life of operation for excellent designed and manufactured equipment
  • Improved operator protections
  • Minimization of further maintenance costs
  • Warranty extensions on the conversion work

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC’s retrofit solutions are innovative and renovate existing low voltage and medium voltage switchgear and motor control centers, minimizing demolition of existing walls, and eventual repair costs when upgrading power systems in older facilities. Modernization of obsolete switchgear extends the remaining life of existing voltage switchgear significantly and is often an attractive alternative to the replacement of the installation. Your distribution system will be provided with new technology enabling a new service life. If you desire, state-of-the-art functionalities can be added at the same time.

  • PDS provides tailor made solutions for virtually all brands of switchgear
  • Feasibility check, based on general electrical and dimensional data
  • Life extension assessment carried out by experienced Power Distribution Solutions, LLC professionals
  • Engineered to order replacement kits for circuit breakers, motor starter units or protection devices

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