Direct Replacement Components

Direct Replacement Components from Power Distribution Systems, LLC


Power Distribution Solutions, LLC, your experienced and connected electrical service enterprise, offers Direct Replacement Components for many unique switchgear solutions. Providing replacement solutions that fit seamlessly into an existing infrastructure allows for simpler and more affordable part replacement by focusing on like for like component replacements. Additionally, we provide facility managers with an option to upgrade and modernize existing electrical circuit breakers, reducing the time-intensive, high cost of buying new equipment.

Offering direct replacement components eliminates the need for costly downtime during the replacement process and reduces both project costs and recurring maintenance costs. In addition to cost and little to no modification installation, our direct replacement components do not alter your program NFPA 70E safety regulations and mitigate operating environment concerns and quell the fears of operating faulty equipment.

Facility managers can look to Power Distribution Solutions, LLC to deliver a wide array of options of direct replacements that can fit into existing circuit breakers quickly and seamlessly. Upgrading with new equipment can often be a burden due to constraints on time and budget resources, but the direct replacement components from PDS provide easier ways to upgrade existing systems and maintain a facility without power issues that can lead to downtime.

The Benefits of Direct Replacement Components:

Reduced costs for switchgear upgrades

  • Many New circuit breakers can be installed in existing switchgear
  • Original footprint is left intact, saving time and money
  • Installation expense is a fraction of new equipment cost

Less down time for installation

  • Components installed with little modification
  • Installation overseen by trained service personnel

Enhanced equipment longevity

  • Manufactured with new components
  • Undergoes complete factory testing

Reduced maintenance and operating costs

  • Easy-to-maintain operating mechanisms
  • Reduced need for difficult to obtain spare parts

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