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Distribution System Inspections from Power Distribution Systems, LLC


Your electrical distribution system is the foundation for all things electrical in your facility. Given historic system design integrity we are conditioned to our facilities only being in the dark only if the utility is out. Also, we now have systems designed for simple electric uses such as electric type writers, adding machines and lamp stands operating with electronic devices such as computers, ups systems, electronic lighting ballast and data center equipment. This simple update can be causing several new power conditions to be putting heat stress on systems designed and installed as recently as the 1990’s?

As a result, maintenance groups routinely make emergency repairs at excessive cost, only after something has happened. This reactionary approach is horrible for your bottom line and puts your equipment and employees in harm’s way.

Will your company ensure timely completion of maintenance and repairs for more than an hour after a crisis has passed? Unfortunately, the answer is usually no. The predictable result is much more unplanned downtime and unforeseen problems.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

We here at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC are offering to assist your organization with a comprehensive preventative and predictive maintenance program beginning with our signature Heat-Seeker Thermal Survey. We look to engage a comprehensive testing program to seek out system needs. Every electrical and mechanical device should undergo scheduled inspections and maintenance. Our skilled maintenance people seek to identify and engage repair solutions of identified potential equipment problems before they become major events. This approach builds the bottom line. Feel fortunate if your company prescribes to this maintenance style. Unfortunately, most companies lean toward the first example.

Our goal is to bridge communication between technical engineering and non-technical managers for efficient allocation of resources for an effective maintenance program; resulting in an optimistic viewpoint and plan to connect facility budgets and maintenance needs. Your company’s management can understand the benefits of engaging a progress oriented preventive maintenance program. In today’s electronic operative and data driven electrical usage environment It is more critical than ever to understand which electrical service procedures you really need and how often must you do them.

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC connects your facility with our trademarked Heat-Seeker infrared inspection and testing equipment then engages your facility program with our compliment of electrical testing, control calibrations and electrical system analysis. We aim to advance your electrical integrity constantly.

Our goal is to provide unparalleled:

  • Dependability
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Consistency

We look forward to working with you into the future continuing to relate, educate, assist and perform to the best of our ability in engaging facility electrical service excellence.

For more information, give us a call at 770-732-8824 or email us at leeubanks@pds-heatseeker.com.

If you are looking for a quality infrared electrical testing enterprise offering a diversified toolbox of solutions for systems dependability, systems operating programs, and systems safety standards…you found it. Give us a call today at 770-732-8824 and see what Power Distribution Solutions, LLC can do for you!

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