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Electrical power distribution equipment is the marriage of mechanical operating equipment to electrical power generating equipment. In between these two are a myriad of distribution cables and transformers which comprise the electrical distribution grid.  Electrical generation is the base of power in these systems and transformers are the hearts of this system that directly affect the level of voltage and amperage we are engaging as an electrical services enterprise. Intertwined within and between generation, transformation and enterprise service equipment are an array of mechanical disconnecting means of many sizes; types; design and construction utilized to isolate, disconnect and reconnect power delivery.

Because electrical distribution is an atomic level delivery system which can delivery, at the speed of light, system solid voltage and system wrenching energy in the form of amperage we need system metering; monitoring and disconnection to accompany the array of mechanical disconnecting devices. Continuing with the atomic forces of voltage and amperage various electrical entities have developed and made available for service protective devices that operate based upon either voltage or amperage, and both are super critical to the protection from these forces our personnel; power grid; substations and service equipment and building systems.

Focused Enterprise Services

We here at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC have focused our services enterprise on equipment delivery systems operating at 25kV and below in order to build, practice and understand how best to serve our range of clients and partnering resources associated with equipment operating within our client operations too. We are a successful business model for client base and looking to increase our knowledges and abilities within these parameters going forward as a first in service practicing NFPA70E enterprise since 2002, our 9th year of industry services offering HeatSeeker™ Thermal Surveys our introductory electrical service. From this service we have been instrumental in the development and practice of our scientific based investigative electrical services model looking to understand and report first any deficiency we can note to the attention of our clients for review and verification.

Your distribution system will employ such equipment as transformers, circuit breakers, and protective devices. Many process plants, universities, hospitals, and high-rise buildings are served by medium voltage electrical distribution systems to lower energy costs. In the past two to three decades, there has been a proliferation of customer-owned medium voltage distribution systems in North America. Prior to that, with few exceptions, electric utilities owned these systems and were more focused on delivery power under the 700 volt range.

Modern energy delivery systems and the use of electric transportation will insure our livelihood is dependent on electric power distribution for its present and future. Commercial and industrial buildings are lighted, heated, cooled, driven and increasing transported by electric power. Our goal at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC is to provide our clients with a strong, responsive company that knows electrical distribution and how to get each opportunity connected correctly, on time, within budget, with integrity and with expertise.

We look forward to keeping you on the grid with electrical distribution solutions, give us a call at 770-732-8824 or email us at leeubanks@pds-heatseeker.com.

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