Equipment Life Extension

Equipment Life Extension from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Power Distribution Solutions, LLC’s switchgear modernization and equipment life extension solutions offer cost-effective renovations to your existing equipment, offering programs using industry available components and original manufacturers parts to update insulators; switches; circuit breakers; protective devices and/or metering with reduced time update power interruptions and final commissioning testing.

These programs are most beneficial to existing electrical distribution equipment needing to be updated or repaired for performance verifications as needed with current electrical safety programs. Also to restore original electrical integrity performance and measuring electrical anomalies becoming more destructive in current and future power distribution environment.

Improved Performance & Safety

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of solutions for aging power systems to extend the useful life of electrical power systems. These range from reconditioning to equipment replacement and additions to existing systems that update / improve performance and safety.

Extending the Useful Life of existing distribution equipment introduces a better functioning and operating distribution gear with current measured and proven operating conditions. Your approved update program will seek to add electrical protection functions the original system may not have included such as Instantaneous protection to former Long Time / Short time / Ground protected equipment which can offer coordination settings reducing internal gear arcing hazards.

Other items a Life Extension Program seeks to address include:

  • Number of switching operations and current magnitudes
  • Maintenance costs
  • Availability and cost of renewal parts
  • Maintenance intervals
  • Maintenance outage times
  • Environmental concerns

We are ready to assist you in evaluating a program to increase the useful life of your distribution devices, give Power Distribution Solutions, LLC a call at 770-732-8824 or email us at

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