Existing Switchgear Inspections

Existing Switchgear Inspections by Power Distribution Systems, LLC


Who made the gear? how long has it been since any service has been performed? If it were serviced today what procedures would need to be followed during the service? Can it be repaired? What would it look like to turn it off and then to turn it on again? What protective functions does my gear have? These questions can seem to be similar to the philosophical question of How do you eat an elephant?  The popular answer is as logical as it is wise and applies to our industry as well. Electrical inspectors often ask, “What are the procedures for inspecting existing switchgear?” Well, like eating an elephant, the best approach is…one bite of information at a time.

Knowing the gear that you have and the procedures for its operation are key elements in developing your ongoing electrical service plan. Do I have a Main Lug Only gear? Do I have a Main Disconnect in my Gear? How many sets of switchgear do I have in my facility? Switchgear is one of those terms that seems to get used a lot while describing many kinds of electrical equipment and for the most part, everyone understands what is being talked about

The voltage of the gear installed at your facility will be a key component types of gear and service expectations at your facility. Having gear operating at greater than 700 volts AC requires different expertise and greater field operating safety requirements than gear operating below 700 volts AC. Verification of these parameters is necessary. To continue with the inspection, there is really nothing unique to switchgear, it’s just bigger and has more conductors than a panelboard. The system voltage will determine which specific part of an article you must be focusing on.

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC keeps your inspection steps simple:

  • We verify the labeling of the equipment and its sections where applicable and contact the manufacturer for any existing original equipment as builts.
  • We look at the guide information for any specific instructions on the equipment in your facility.
  • We consult your existing electrical plans for the usage of the equipment, along with available short-circuit current information.

From there on, it is just a matter of applying the testing rules to each individual part of the equipment. We develop consistency in how we approach any existing switchgear inspection, as this helps make sure that we have covered all the requirements. Attempting to inspect everything all at once is tough, but just like eating the elephant, smaller bites will help you finish the job and be ready for more.

If you need help with existing switchgear inspections, give us a call at 770-732-8824 or email us at leeubanks@pds-heatseeker.com.

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