Fault Current Mitigation

Fault Current Mitigation from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Following an Arc Hazard Analysis many facilities discover several points of high level arcing hazards. Maintenance and operating personnel are more often than not the ones directly affected by survey results then look to management for a clear decision on how reduce their danger in performing daily duties. While many hazards can be mitigated with proper electrical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) the higher energy hazards need cost effective mitigation products and devices to reduce high energy findings but keep electrical performances intact.  One of the most important services Power Distribution Solutions, LLC can offer is mitigating high energy arcing fault levels, and managing the magnitude of the exposure to these levels with sound mitigation principles.

We here at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC do not take issue with whom performed your Arc Hazard Analysis, but are focused your understanding of its presentation and the dangers discovered with its performance. Our team then looks at the devices and connection points within your system to identify points needing mitigation strategy as well offer techniques for reducing Danger hazards when practical and available.

Similarities in equipment types and protective devices

While each electrical distribution system is property specific over time and through hundreds of performed inner company analysis we see similarities in equipment types and protective devices. Starting at your utility transformer then through your facility switchgear, busway, distribution and controls equipment, fault current mitigation has a point of entry needing to be exercised and utilized.

The goal of Power Distribution Solutions, LLC is to provide our customers with a strong, responsive company that knows how to get to needed solutions correctly, on time, within budget, with integrity and with excellent practice. As a full-service fault current mitigation specialist, we offer a complete range of solutions.

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