Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations by Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Forensic Investigations by Power Distribution Solutions, LLC are concerned with investigating electrical failures and accidents in a legal context. Many forensic electrical investigations apply to fires suspected to be caused by electrical failures and we can get right to the bottom of how it all happened.

Our experience engaging known forensic engineers to assist our clients with information presented by manufacturers or contractors insurance company or non-associated investigation. When this type of service is needed consider a consultation to review our assistance we are here to help.

Other areas of forensic investigations include accident investigation involving electrocution, and intellectual property disputes such as patent actions. Additionally, since electrical fires are most often cited as the cause for “suspect” fires an electrical engineer is often employed to evaluate the electrical equipment and systems to determine whether the cause of the fire was electrical in nature.

Our association engineers conduct experimental testing and develop the forensic science used to evaluate electrical devices, including receptacles, low voltage devices, and battery fires.

Electrical Fires Investigated Include:

  • Arc Flash Investigations
  • Battery Explosions
  • Boiler Machinery
  • Commercial Dryers, Ovens & Kilns
  • Control Valves & Disconnect Switches
  • Electrical Distribution & Transformers
  • Equipment Fires
  • Industrial, Commercial & Institutional Fire Investigations
  • Lightning Strikes

Electrical Causes

Fires and catastrophic failures associated with electrical systems can have many causes.  Electrical providers may have responsibilities associated with voltage regulation, for example, lightning strikes on a distribution system or transformer failures.  Providers face further challenges due to factors outside their control, like vehicle accidents impacting transmission and distribution systems. Consumers may have responsibilities associated with the electrical system within their structures, such as improper installation, poorly maintained wiring practices, or overloading branch circuitry. Manufacturers of electrical equipment face significant challenges to provide devices and appliances that can safely operate in the hands of their consumers, including fuse ratings and limit switches.  Manufacturers are also challenged by how their consumer base will misapply or misuse the device or appliance.

All these circumstances and many more need to be considered in evaluating electrical causes. PDS experts have years of experience in product design, system operations, failure analyses and root-cause analyses.

Electrical Forensic Analysis

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC provides electrical forensic analysis of utility power, electrical distribution, appliances, electronics, and battery systems to determine the root cause of failures.   Any fire in a structure, vehicle, system or device will almost always require the evaluation of the electrical system that powered or controlled its performance.  We excel in the analysis of electrical investigations and have considerable talent and depth from utility power to home appliances.

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