Full Facility Outage Testing

Full Facility Outage Testing by Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


The heart of your electric power system, switchgear, are the multiple combinations of circuit breakers and or fused disconnect switches used to control, protect and isolate your facility electrical equipment. Switchgear is used in two capacities either to de-energize your equipment to allow safe work to be performed, and to clear electrical faults occurring downstream within the distribution network. In order to make this happen it takes the combination of electrical sensing devices in concert with the mechanical operations of your equipment to respond as intended to electrical anomalies.

Predictive Maintenance & Testing

A malfunctioning breaker not opening during an overload or short circuit can cause considerable damage and expenses to equipment and is an extreme danger to personnel in the proximity of a malfunctioning device. Circuit breakers and switchgears need routine predictive maintenance and testing to investigate the equipment’s operating and integrity condition. A circuit breaker may open and close as a disconnect device but its overcurrent tripping device may be impeded from operation allowing an electrical failure.  Your switchgear must be able interrupt fault currents several times its rated current, so predictive field simulation will investigate and allow reporting on both the breaker mechanical and protective assembly performance.

If equipped with fused switches then preventive programs need to focus on the mechanical operations of these devise for assured operations. Sticking contacts, malfunctioning operating mechanisms and system fuse contact points become the focal points of your investigative services. Systems operating at 480 Volts nominal and greater than 1000 Amps require Ground Fault protection to be integrated into the mechanical switch operator as means to interrupt detected lower amperage faults to ground. These systems introduce a second important set of mechanicals to the existing switch.

Benefits of Switchgear Testing with Power Distribution Solutions, LLC:

  • Reduce your business risks by meeting regulatory requirements and standards related to yearly NFPA70E revisions.
  • Increase user functioning quality and production safety of your distribution network, products and processes.
  • Save on lost time and repair costs.
  • Increase customer confidence in your facility through independent investigating, testing and reporting.
  • Shorten your time-to-market and increase market access by partnering with an expert in regulatory requirements and standards.
  • Our team is highly experienced and qualified, which adds value to your processes.

Our team has an extended range of experience with switchgear equipment 25kV and below including Power Operated Circuit Breakers; Insulated Case Electro Mechanical Circuit Breakers; Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers (Fused or Non Fused); Bolted Pressure Switches; Fused Switch Distribution Systems; Protective Relays and Tripping devices; Phase Loss Protective Systems; Process Flow Metering and Calibrations.

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