Ground Fault Protection Systems

Ground Fault Protection Systems from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


A ground fault is current leakage from a phase of power to ground. In many and most buildings having ground fault protection the protective device is connected to the property main disconnecting device and monitoring the neutral conductor in your main switchgear. Many Ground Fault protective devices are set at time of installation at minimum setting or have been turned to its highest setting because of some tripping events on the device. We find that in system coordination the Ground Fault setting is the forgotten protective function but has the most direct impact on your building. When you ground fault protective relay is set at minimum setting, in a commercial office property, then a single lighting upgrade contractor testing a single lighting circuit, miss wired, can put your building in the dark instantly. A compressor motor going bad can do the same thing. You are vulnerable!

Optimizing protection of equipment

The primary purpose of Power Distribution Solutions, LLC’s ground-fault protection review and service is to provide our customers with an active review setting and primary current verification testing to optimize protection of equipment from damaging line-to-ground-fault currents by operating to cause a disconnecting means to open all ungrounded conductors of the faulted circuit.

In determining the setting for the ground-fault protection system, it is necessary to determine the active system ground current on the system and its source. We then look for any possible source of fault current that could exceed the setting bypassing its available circuit protector and trip the main of the building instead. We offer a revised minimum setting and then test the system to verify the new setting.

Ground fault protective equipment is often the devices that prevent a catastrophic equipment failure event and need to be tested and verified properly operational and properly set to prevent nuisance tripping. Nuisance tripping exposes property and personnel to unnecessary disconnect and reconnect dangers by first opening a main device under operating load then exposing the operator to the danger of closing the main under possible loaded conditions. Having these systems properly serviced, tested and set are a crucial part of your electrical safety and coordination plan.

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