Grounding System Analysis

Grounding System Analysis from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Good power system grounding is important for maintaining consistent operation of electric power systems, protecting electronic equipment, and insuring the general life safety of the public and personnel. A grounding system must be properly installed, and its performance needs to be evaluated periodically to ensure the effectiveness of this important leg of your power system. Improper or inaccurate analysis can lead to the loss of many electronic devices such as electronic ballasts, variable speed drives, electronic machines and in extreme cases life.

These systems are the hart of most daily operated devices in today’s management scope of operations. Properly grounded systems can also assist electronic circuit protective devices in directing transient voltages and currents quickly to ground ensuring a shorter fault duration during an over voltage or over current event. Knowing and verifying the type of building grounding system on site completes the picture of design of the facility and completes the electrical distribution systems service and testing needs.

Plan and execute an electrical grounding design

The requirements for ground resistance levels are also becoming more stringent these days because of lower operating voltages and higher operating speeds. The engineers at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC can help you plan and execute an electrical grounding design that will provide the best performance ground system available, within the constraints of your available area, budget, and equipment being protected.

Our team at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC takes great interest in our trade and customer satisfaction is always our number one concern. After decades of experience with grounding system investigation and analysis, we’ve applied our techniques in several areas of electrical distribution ranging from light commercial to industrial ground systems. So, rest assured, your business is in capable and caring hands.

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