Lightning System Testing

Lightning Systems Testing from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Lightning strikes to the ground are events that occur from the ground (building) up to the sky. Your lightning protective system is a network of electrodes pointing towards the sky connected to grounding cables that envelope your building and connect it directly to the earth surrounding the building. Its specific function is to discharge static electrical charges into the air in a controlled manor around the building. This controlled discharge system intentionally directs lightning forces away from the inner facility protecting persons, electronics and electrical distribution.

When the building system loses electrodes or the grounding cables come loose, are removed or separated these conditions leave the building exposed to sever damages. Possible types of damage are injuries to personnel due to shock, physical damage from fire, explosion and mechanical destruction from current effects, and failure of internal systems due to lightning electromagnetic impulse. application of lightning protection measures is essential.

System Inspection & Ground Testing

The need for system inspection and ground testing are essential to the measure of protection expected, and repairing items found to be in disrepair are time critical given the safety aspect of the systems protection. Lightning System Testing should be carried out at maximum intervals of twelve months. Power Distribution Solutions, LLC recommends that your system is tested at eleven-month intervals in order to take account, over time, of all seasonal variations in resistance or other characteristics of the system.

Our team of expert electrical science professionals will undertake the safety principles and electrical integrity guidelines together and perform a detailed inspection and testing of existing lightning protection systems. Following the test, in addition to your test certificate, you will also receive a comprehensive report on the condition of the system with our recommendations for repairs or upgrades where necessary to keep or restore your system to sound operating condition.

Frequency of Inspections

Lightning protection systems should be inspected at a minimum annually, and repaired as necessary:

  • Within the first year upon completion of installation.
  • After work on, expansion, modification, addition or other changes to the underlying protected structures that requires disturbing the system.
  • After relocation of components supporting the system.
  • Upon finding damaged system components.
  • After major electrical storms, high wind events, hurricanes, earthquakes, known lightning discharges to the system or other occurrences that may affect the system.
  • During inner building Ground System testing.
  • Annually

It is recommended that lightning protection systems be visually inspected at least annually.  Electing longer or shorter inspection intervals should be determined by factors at your discretion after being presented with recommendations by the building science professionals at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC. When you are ready to evaluate the readiness of your facility lightning system, give us a call at 770-732-8824 or email us at

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