Manufacturing Process Inspections

Manufacturing Process Inspections by Power Distribution Systems, LLC


Your manufacturing process is the heart and brains of your enterprise efforts and the life of your business. We here at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC recognize that every lost minute in production time is critical to the organization and will be influenced by safety, electrical, mechanical and technological factors. It will be mitigation strategies that bring the most concise continuity between a preventive plan of process optimization and actual process results. A plan starting with online testing of electrical distribution equipment then continuing through your specialized processes will recognize each critical connection point which needs to operate effectively and predictably. We offer a compliment of technologies beginning with our signature Heat-Seeker Infrared testing service as well a practiced tool box of technologies and talent for your preventive maintenance program design.

Most manufacturing plants have annual shutdown periods coinciding with holiday periods during which we have twenty five years of participations. Our customers engage a diverse plan of action through our programs which include data gathered from the weeks prior.  electrical inspection and testing experts should be able to work with you to carry out as much work as possible prior to this period to enable any remedial work to be carried out during the shutdown. If you do not have an annual shutdown period, then we’ll help you consider other ways to minimize the impact to your business.  It is important that you clearly communicate your production requirements to our inspection and testing team, and equally, that we give you critical feedback on any issues that arise which are likely to impact these requirements.

Commitment to your process from power to product

Confidentiality is critical to your plan and company. We do not share specifics of processes outside of our company. Each plan is tailored to your equipment and spelled out for your enterprise only. Expertise is our shared product. Starting with common elements such as power delivery, coordination and electrical safety programs we can then engage mechanical points of contact, thermal elements of process, flow meter calibrations and drive programming updates. This is our commitment to your process from power to product.

In today’s 24/7 world, it is possible to minimize process disruptions and maintain business continuity with a set of designed and tailored specifications meeting your process needs. Using technologies including Thermal, Ultrasound and equipment on / equipment off testing means we can introduce your process to a wider set of trending data for critical decision making sets. We have the technical expertise and experience to engage your tailored plan of action. We look forward to an opening conversation on a program to assist your business enterprise.

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