Mechanical Operations Systems

Mechanical Operation Systems from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Any buildings second most important system is its mechanical operating system. Including equipment such as chillers for chilled water; pumps that move water and other fluids; air handlers that utilize chilled water and pumps to condition the air in the building; compressors to provide pneumatic system controls; elevators to move equipment and persons through property levels. Each of these items are integral to the effective use of power and essential to operations that to be maintained and dependable.

Our electrical / mechanical testing professionals at Power Distribution Solutions, LLC look to develop and engage a service program assisting your enterprise with managing your building mechanical operating system for efficient operation of a building’s air conditioning, ventilation, building automation controls and electronics, elevators, fire protection, normal and emergency power. Equipment and systems are maintained, serviced and operated on schedule. Our pros demonstrate complete knowledge and the ability to change electrical fuses, control boards, electrical fixtures, and electrical relays. We are your premier mechanical operation systems consultancy, offering services to commercial and industrial customers throughout our local area and the Southeast, as well as nationwide.

A Comprehensive & Building-wide Approach

Our purpose is to take sound and proven operations and maintenance practices and apply them in a comprehensive, building-wide approach. The result is a company that can not only operate and maintain the mechanical and electrical components of a building, but also take a comprehensive approach to treat a building as an integration of systems, each with a unique relationship to the others.

We provide operations, maintenance, repair, and management of the following systems and services:

  • Heating and Cooling Plants
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Air Handling Systems
  • Automatic Temperature Controls
  • Domestic Water Systems
  • Sanitary & Storm Water Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Fire Pumping Systems
  • Process Piping & Controls
  • Food Service Operations
  • Preventive Maintenance Systems
  • Electrical Systems

PDS is responsible for the oversight of operations of data operation centers, commercial office buildings, university facilities, hospitals, industrial facilities, process plants and much more. We also have extensive experience in building maintenance and energy management projects.

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