New Switchgear Commissioning

New Switchgear Commissioning from Power Distribution Systems, LLC


It’s new. The factory tested it. We usually do not see problems with the new gear we get. All the normal sayings can be given quickly. The overall goal of new switchgear commissioning to ensure that a new set of gear will perform as intended in the event of a fault occurrence. During the construction of any facility that makes the point of completion when its heart is installed needs to have that new gear performance tested to NETA commissioning standards, and results based performance assured to meet the gears original design specifications. Testing of every new set of gear ensures performance, integrity and operation in the face a fault scenario.

We provide new switchgear commissioning for the following electrical systems:

  • Main Electrical Switchgear – Main electrical switchgear is an important component to a critical facility because it distributes power to all of the downstream electrical distribution equipment.
  • Generator Paralleling Switchgear – Generator paralleling switchgear is a crucial component to a critical facility in situations where the generator supported load exceeds the capacity of one generator
  • Generators – Including the generators in the commissioning scope for a critical facility is imperative because they are the only source of long-term standby power when the utility becomes unavailable.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) – The ATS is an important component of the critical facility because it is used commonly in critical facility designs to transfer power from a primary source to a secondary source after the loss of the primary source.
  • UPS – The UPS is probably the most important piece of equipment in the critical facility because of its ability to maintain power to critical loads, regardless of the operation of all the other supporting systems.
  • Lightning Systems – These systems are grounding network of air terminals, cable connectors and ground bonds that dissipate static charges of a building.
  • Electrical power monitoring system (EPMS) – The EPMS allows all the electrical systems within the critical facility to be monitored from a single location, giving the operator visibility to ensure that all systems are not generating any alarms and are operating properly and efficiently.

With many failure scenarios to guard against system commissioning is cost efficient program provided by the testing professionals of Power Distribution Solutions, LLC and we know our obligation to provide a level of testing that will instill a confident measure that each system is working and capable of maintaining a proper planned operational state during unknown external events.

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC provides anything from protection relay testing, pre-commissioning installed equipment, full system commissioning, fault finding, modifying and implementing of protection settings. Retrofit and commissioning of upgraded electrical protection systems.

We have extensive experience in installing and commissioning high voltage electrical distribution systems, both new and refurbished, from all manufacturers.

Our commissioning services also include:

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear 5kV to 25kV
  • Medium Voltage Cables 5kV to 25kV
  • Low Voltage Switchgear
  • Transformer Turns Ratio and Isolation Testing
  • Primary injection testing of protection relays, breakers and circuit protection
  • Secondary injection testing of protection relays, breakers and circuit protection
  • Circuit breaker current testing
  • Mechanical Operations

The equipment in the electrical distribution system of mission critical facilities must operate dependably. After new switchgear commissioning challenges have been resolved and best practices have been employed, these systems will meet the original design intent and your requirements, ensuring you that your facility embodies readiness, responsiveness, and resiliency.

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