Phase Loss Protection Systems

Phase Loss Protection Systems from Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


When one phase of a three-phase system is lost, you loose electrical equipment in a matter of seconds due to super heating burn out. The phenomenon is known industry wide as single phasing. Typically, a phase loss is caused by a utility service condition or a blown fuse, thermal overload, broken wire, worn contact or mechanical failure. If you have a phase loss that goes undetected, it can rapidly result in unsafe conditions, equipment failures, and costly downtime.

Quickly troubleshooting a phase loss and determining the root cause is often difficult. Voltages and currents in a three-phase system do not typically just drop to zero when a phase is lost. Often measurements yield confusing values that can require complex analysis to correctly interpret. Meanwhile, damage and downtime of the equipment continues to rise.

Continuously Monitoring

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC comes to the rescue as a premier leader in phase loss protection systems.  We continuously monitor all voltages of a three-phase system. We protect motors and equipment from expensive damage due to phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, undervoltage and overvoltage faults as well as rapid cycling. Our service and testing specialists provide essential three-phase monitor relays that detect single phasing and unbalanced voltages regardless of regenerative voltages.

True voltage measurement ensures accurate sensing in most generator and other applications with non-sinusoidal wave forms, eliminating nuisance tripping. Full wave monitoring provides a more accurate method to measure the voltages, regardless of load type or wave shape, resulting in improved protection across more applications.

As a full-service phase loss protection expert, we offer the following to our customers:

  • Professional & Courteous Employees – When we show up at your door, a professional and polite electrical specialist will be ready to help with your phase loss protection systems.
  • Specific Experience with Industry Protective Devices – Our electrical experts seek perfection. We stand behind our phase loss protection work. If we execute the job, we’ll make sure you’re happy with the quality of our workmanship.
  • Clean Workspace When the Job is Done – Our electrical pros clean up after themselves, returning your business to polished condition.

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