Power System Monitoring Analysis

Power System Monitoring Analysis by Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


The main targets of power system operation are the security and stability of the power system as well as the integrity and efficiency of your power supply in an economic manner is the point of power monitoring.

To achieve the above targets, any system disturbances must be captured, recognized and analyzed properly in order to offer solutions to power service problems. Solutions then need to be implemented in as timely a manner as possible and assure resolution of the power condition discovered to avoid the repetition of the same problem again, such as ground faults or overcurrent units tripping.

The Power System Monitoring Analysis conducted by Power Distribution Solutions, LLC features grid and plant monitoring, fault recording, power quality and grid characteristics analysis. We provide easy access to recorded data and test results and allow for the analysis of trends and the verification of system disturbance responses.

Important Tasks Performed by PDS

PDS performs the important tasks of power system stability supervision and determination and analysis of the following key system parameters:

  • Voltage stability monitoring and steady-state power quality
  • Generation outage, load rejection and system frequency response analysis
  • Primary- and secondary response supervision voltages
  • Load-shedding tuning and optimization voltages
  • Power System Stabilizer effectiveness supervision
  • Generator and load parameter identification
  • Phase angle supervision
  • Power oscillation detection and analysis

Our local and national customers enjoy working with us because of our personalized and professional approach. We take the time to learn about your power system monitoring analysis needs, goals, and budget, so that the result not only meets, but exceeds, your expectations. Monitoring equipment can be installed on a temporary basis or permanent power quality analyzer for critical systems.

If you need help with power system monitoring analysis, give us a call at 770-732-8824 or email us at leeubanks@pds-heatseeker.com.

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