Ultrasonic Analysis

Ultrasonic Analysis by Power Distribution Solutions, LLC


Ultrasonic analysis of mechanical equipment has many advantages. Ultrasound analysis provides early warning of bearing failure, detects lack of lubrication, prevents over lubrication and can be used on low, medium and high bearing speeds. Other cost effective uses of Ultrasonic testing are process air leak detection; process hydraulic leak detection; electrical voltage leak detection.

In addition, since ultrasound is a high frequency, short wave signal, it is possible to filter out stray, confusing background noises and focus on the specific test point. Power Distribution Solutions, LLC’s basic inspection methods are simple and straightforward.

Ultrasonic analysis is easy to understand. Users of analog instruments can observe sound levels while simultaneously listening to the sound quality. Digital users have additional options such as viewing decibel levels, data logging, data analysis and trending through specialized software. More sophisticated digital instruments provide features for comprehensive mechanical or bearing condition monitoring programs including; data logging, software for trending, creation of alarm groups, sound sample recording, spectral analysis of sounds and software with customizable reporting formats that include graphs, charts and other relevant images.

How Ultrasound Analysis Works

Mechanical movements produce a wide spectrum of sound. One of the major contributors to excessive stress in machinery is friction. Ultrasound instruments detect friction. By focusing on a narrow band of high frequencies, we can detect subtle changes in amplitude and sound quality produced by operating equipment. It then heterodynes these normally undetectable sounds down into the audible range where they are heard through headphones and observed on a display panel for trending, comparison, and analysis.

It has been established that ultrasound monitoring provides early warning of bearing failure. Various stages of bearing failure have been established. An 8-dB gain over baseline indicates pre-failure or lack of lubrication. A 12-dB increase establishes the very beginning of the failure mode. A 16-dB gain indicates advanced failure condition while a 35-50 dB gain warns of catastrophic failure.

Typical ultrasound analysis include: bearings, pumps, motors, conveyors, gear and gear boxes, couplings, fans, compressors and more.

Ultrasonic Bearing Inspection Method

There are three methods for ultrasonic bearing monitoring:

  • Comparative
  • Historical
  • Analytical

Electrical voltages are constantly looking for the shortest path to ground and its journey is facilitated by the environments within electrical distribution systems are installed. Dirt, moisture, materials accumulating on and around electrical conductors decrease the original resistances of electrical equipment offering the right setup for voltage to escape a conductor and find a point of connection. In AC power the attenuation cycle offers escaping voltage the opportunity to build a pathway through ionization and carbon tracking to reach its anticipated point of contact. Ultrasonic testing instruments can hear this process allowing for notification on suspect contact points.

Spectral Analysis Software

Whether mechanical, electrical or fluid based testing is contracted, our analytical approach can be integrated into the comparative or historical processes. Anomalies can be recorded and analyzed through spectral analysis software. Some of the advanced instruments have on-board spectral analysis providing the ability to diagnosis issues while performing inspections out in the plant.

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