Decatur Infrared Electrical Testing

Decatur Infrared Electrical Testing & Inspections


Power Distribution Solutions, LLC is a professional Decatur infrared electrical testing and electrical and mechanical services enterprise offering our local customers a diversified toolbox of solutions for systems dependability, systems operating programs, and systems safety standards.

Since 1993, we have provided unparalleled independent infrared electrical testing and electrical and mechanical services.  That is to say, we connect local facilities with our trademarked Heat-Seeker infrared thermal survey performance.  In addition, our specialists engage facility programs with our compliment of infrared electrical testing, control calibrations and electrical system analysis.

We seek to develop your local facility program to deliver dependability solutions.  Above all, our historical performance outlines a legacy of expertise.

we have successfully accomplished the following:

– Documented and reported over 35,500 Infrared Anomalies.

– Similarly, we have located and documented over 4,000 critical repair infrared Category 3 anomalies saving millions.

– Successfully performed over 250 full facility outages.

– Inspected and or tested over 3.500 of molded case circuit breakers.

– Serviced or updated over 2,000 of power and insulated case circuit breakers.

– Updated or serviced over 2,500 bolted pressure and or fused switches.

– Produced more than 100 arcing hazard studies, electrical arc diagrams and single line diagrams.

– Performed services at our customer locations in 22 states to date.

We have the experience.

Certainly, our company perfected the system.  Therefore, PDS is your solution for  Decatur infrared electrical testing and inspections.

Most importantly, with experience, professionalism, training and unmatched customer care, Power Distribution Solutions, LLC’s customers receive the gold standard in enterprise experience modeling.  In other words, our sole purpose is to provide you with better preventive and predictive maintenance.

So, give us a call today and see what PDS Heat-Seeker can do for you!

Professional & Experienced Decatur Infrared Electrical Testing

Throughout Decatur and all of the surrounding areas, trust your infrared electrical testing needs to Power Distribution Solutions, LLC. Honesty and integrity are very important to us. We feature top quality service, attention to detail and a superior experience for our customers.

If you are looking for a quality infrared electrical testing enterprise offering a diversified toolbox of solutions for systems dependability, systems operating programs, and systems safety standards…you found it. Give us a call today at 770-732-8824 and see what Power Distribution Solutions, LLC can do for you!