About Us


In January 1993 we began offering our signature Heat-Seeker thermal survey performance to customers willing to engage an advanced electrical service program. Bringing the industry a comprehensive and aggressive electrical services program proved rewarding for our customers as we continuously presented valuable electrical testing results bringing full circle our purpose of better preventive and predictive maintenance.

Continuing through these first few years of exceptional focus electrical services we have built an Industry leading name brand in Heat-Seeker infrared electrical testing along with a full compliment of customer electrical distribution service programs. We look forward into the coming years continuing to relate, educate, assist and perform to the best of our ability in engaging facility electrical service excellence.

Our mission is to engage our customers’ knowledge and experience with the facilities they own, manage or direct in order to provide comprehensive electrical service programs for the best electrical preventive and predictable service experience as facility professionals.

With experience, professionalism, training and unmatched customer care, Power Distribution Solutions, LLC’s customers receive the gold standard in enterprise experience modeling bringing full circle our purpose of better preventive and predictive maintenance.

Power Distribution Solutions, LLC seeks to build your specific facility program to insure dependability solutions beginning with our nationally trademarked Heat-Seeker infrared inspection and testing process. Welcome to the Science of Services.


To elevate our customers as facility experts through knowledge and experience.

  • Systems Dependability
  • Operating Programs
  • Safety Standards
  • Connecting Facilities



Dedication to the success of our clients, our people, and the company heritage.

  • We Are Creative
  • Honest And Dependable
  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving


To promote a seamless and positive experience with excellence and innovation.

  • Dependability
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Safety

If you are looking for a quality infrared electrical testing enterprise offering a diversified toolbox of solutions for systems dependability, systems operating programs, and systems safety standards…you found it. Give us a call today at 770-732-8824 and see what Power Distribution Solutions, LLC can do for you!

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